Jonny Green  solo exhibition  from  October 5th  2015








Jonny Green 'Live At The Witch Trials'  oil on canvas, 90 cms  x 72 cms (2015)






Jonny Green "Do The Collapse" oil on canvas 90 cms x 72 cms (2015)








Jonny Green's intense paintings of sculptures, crudely made with plasticine, bits of string and such are gritty and grubby They are .ugly subjects of distressed objects. Metaphoric manifestations of the poor and the down trodden, the neglected. The inconsequentiality of the subjects and almost banality of the scenes belie more circumspect thinking about our own sense of value and mortality "nature mort in essence and execution". recreated in dexterous and skillful paint handling. using the traditional still life to re imagine and explore meaning. painting past and what painting can be today. This body of work encapsulates the zeitgeist of painting today. Jonny Green explains this approach as ‘an attempt to dignify and document or give testament to something that seemingly lacks dignity or a voice’.

Jonny Green's paintings exploring subjectivity, meaning, candour and humour are skillfull deliberated and  constructed.  The paintings  are physical, fresh and of the moment. Jonny Green is a London based emerging artist who's work is poised for wider exposure and  greater recognition  which is why Carter Presents is presenting Jonny Green in  the solo project at Start art fair 2015.