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             59 Old Bethnal Green Road London E2 6QA









Brian Reed

Opening Thursday 5th October 6-9pm

Until 4th November. by appointment only.


 In "Truth Trading",  Brian Reed has produced a new  body of work  which penetrates deep into the consciousness of the urban environment. A continuation with his engagement of  found and discarded photos which often surround photo booths and which explore the anonymous, discarded detritus of  those who have lived, loved and lost.  

 Whilst still engaged with found imagery, In combing the streets, Brian Reed has collected and appropriated streams of  textual outpourings wilfully and  deliberately, scrawled, painted and etched into the fabric of the city. Provocative sentiment often grammatically wrong, mis-spelt, rude, contemptuous, funny and just plain odd.

 If Fake News is literally the peddling of lies, then "Truth Trading" is tangentially  opposite, the monetarising of facts, news and ideas.