Mortars at Dawn _Past Exhibitions_

  14th May to 06th June 2010

Sarah Baker | Isha Bohling | Paul Brandford | Thomas Draschan | Richard Gasper | Jonathan Gent | Daniel Jackson Hilary Jack | Martelli and Gibson | Maslen and Mehra Jonathan McLeod | Manfred Peckl | Brian Reed | Galen Riley Dallas Seitz | Covadonga Valdes


CARTER presents some of the most exciting new art emerging from Britain and Europe at Leroy House London.

Throughout the world the global population carries on to dramatically rise. The cities expand and we require ever increasing resources to keep our modern world turning. The extraction of metals, minerals and fossil fuels, their processing and consuming  that drives and powers our modern world pose the greatest risks to our future  and our environment. For we will be known as the toxic generation. Natures’ dawn chorus has been silenced by our pervasive urbanity a constant background of noise and a pounding in our heads, in the cities and on the battlefields. These mortars at dawn and their dusty craters of rubble will be our ignominious legacy.